How it Works

To view a sample of my lessons please visit the Lessons page and click on ‘Free’. Alternatively you can check out my YouTube channel.

To sign up:

1. First of all, you need to BUY MEMBERSHIP. On the home page click the BUY NOW button and complete your payment details. The tuition fee gives you unlimited access to all video lessons for that month. Membership is ongoing so you’ll be charged your monthly subscription until you decide to cancel. You can cancel at any time and renew whenever you like. If you cancel midway through a month you’ll still have access for the whole of the month you have paid for. So it is super-easy to adjust your subscription to suit your lifestyle. No ongoing commitment, contracts or other ties.

2. It is as easy as that! Once you register, you can then watch ALL THE VIDEOS. Active membership gives you access to the entire library of classes. We will add ongoing content regularly for you to enjoy and so you can expect the content library to grow and expand.

The Tech Part

You need to have access to Wi-Fi or the Internet at a reasonable speed for the videos to stream smoothly. The videos can only be streamed and are not downloadable.

If you have any questions or problems along the way please contact me here.