Jake Andrews Bio

My father was the guitarist with the 60s & 70s roots rock band Mother Earth. I was so fortunate to grow up in the rich musical scene here in Austin, Texas.

It started when I was a young kid, I was able to sit in with, and open the shows for, many of these Blues Legends. Guys like Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Albert King, Jimmy Vaughan, Jonny Winter, Ottis Rush.

I was able to directly learn from these guys by playing with them and hearing their playing night after night. I was able to get that direct influence from them. Read more...

Riffs, Licks & Tricks

Learn the riffs, licks and tricks of Blues Rock Guitar so you can play like your favorite artist. Combine them together to play a song or learn them in every key to create your own awesome track.

    Check out this way-fonky rhythm guitar part played in the key of E.

    A tasteful, soulful, simple Freddie King-style lick.

    Check out this funky blues rhythm variation, based off of a basic open A7 chord.

    The turnaround intro lick for the Freddie King blues classic "I'm Tore Down".

    Here is a great blues turnaround lick that can be used in any key.

    Learn how to play a basic rhythm in the style of Magic Sam's "All Your Love" and "Easy Baby"!

    Full Song Lessons

    Learn to play Blues Rock standards through multi-part in-depth videos that break it down from start to finish.

      Just like "Smokestack Lightnin' ", the song stays on a repetitive, droning guitar part and never makes another chord change.

      This is great blues classic by Slim Harpo.

      This is a great Texas blues-rock song that was released on my first record, "Time To Burn, back in 1999.

      This is a great song off of the T-Birds first record, the "Girls Go Wild" album.

      One of the greatest bands that came out of Austin, TX in the '90's, the Arc Angels.

      The first track off of Jimmie Vaughan's 1994 solo album "Strange Pleasure".

      Blues Rock Theory

      Learn the nuts n' bolts of Blues Rock theory and master the essence of blues guitar.

        Learning the patterns or boxes of the minor pentatonic scale is essential for improving your improvising skills.

        This is the first video in this series on the minor pentatonic scale.


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